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National Major Projects

The IROS principal consultants were honoured to have participated in some of the largest joint Venture (JV) infrastructure projects nationally including billion-dollar Private Public Partnership (PPP).

Project Director
IROS AUSTRALIA Was Selected As: Limited Tender Provider

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications & the Arts

A multifaceted /multistaged complicated project spread over a wide area of 40 Ha. The project was delivered on time and approved by the Australian Government. 
Drinking Water Quality

The Neutral or Beneficial Effect (NorBE) Assessment

One of the largest drinking water quality projects ever delivered in IROS AUSTRALIA was located within the Wingecarribee Shire Council area.

The State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) Sydney Drinking Water Catchment requires that all proposed development in the Greater Sydney drinking water catchment – i.e. over 5 million people in Sydney & the Blue Mountains, Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Goulburn & Shoalhaven regions – to have a neutral or beneficial effect on water quality (NorBE) which requires much more stringent effluent quality requirements for Council’s STPs. 

IROS AUSTRALIA is authorized by the state government & WATER-NSW to assess NorBE as per council requirement.
Technical Director
A dozen 10,000 - 20,000 Litre Tanks and related infrastructure were decommissioned.
Confidential Client
Mega Scale Validation Project

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks Removal

An abandoned tank is an underground, partially underground or fully mounded tank that has not been used to store flammable liquid for two years, or not intended to be used again.

Workplaces that have an abandoned UST that has been used to store flammable and/or combustible liquids or flammable gases must notify WorkCover. The system must be removed if it is no longer in use. Where this is not reasonably practicable, the risk must be controlled by decommissioning the tank in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4976-2008.


Large Scale Waste Classification

In addition to the classification of the waste materials, IROS AUSTRALIA’s detailed CEMP provided details on management requirements and procedures to be implemented during the development’s design, remediation and subsequent construction phase. The management procedures aim to avoid, mitigate and, if possible, eliminate the potential adverse environmental impacts on the site and surrounding human and environmental receptors and ensure that all works are conducted per regulatory requirements.

IROS AUSTRALIA's Latest Technology Equipped with LiDAR Drone Services was Applied for Mapping and Volumetric Assessment.
Senior Project Officer
"Biggest project in the history of South Australia 🇦🇺 & the third most expensive building in the world 🌎 ". The most advanced hospital in the southern hemisphere.
J. D.
Project Manager
Private Public Partnership (PPP)

South Australia-New Royal Adelaide Hospital (NRAH) Project

The scale of new Royal Adelaide Hospital cannot be underemphasised. Providing world-class healthcare to the Adelaide community, the NRAH is one of Australia’s most advanced hospitals, seamlessly incorporating complex requirements of medical disciplines and cutting-edge innovations from the best international facilities.

Large Scale Water Treatment Facility

Waste Water/Storm Water Treatment Plant

A sophisticated Waste Water Treatment Plant (VAF Self-Cleaning Water Filters). V-Series can remove suspended solids from 1500 to 10 micron. Individual filters and preassembled filtration systems are used in applications for pre-filtration of the membrane, ultra-violet and other microfiltration technologies, as well as applications for industrial water reuse, water and wastewater, cooling towers, seawater, river intake water, well water, groundwater re-injection ( frac water), irrigation and many more.

"Only the pump used for this project weighted almost, 750 KG, unbelievable".
A. H.
Principal Contractor
"A business that can innovate and adopt new technologies and improve existing processes is more likely to succeed in the long run".
IROS Australia - Technical Director

Research 🔬 & Development

R&D is essential for businesses in Australia because it provides powerful knowledge and insights, leads to improvements to existing processes where efficiency can be increased and costs reduced. IROS’ routes were originated from some of the internationally recognised research academic institutes in Australia. A business that can innovate and adopt new technologies and improve existing processes is more likely to succeed in the long run.
 and D is in our genes 🧬. At IROS, we conducted several Research and Development projects. Some of the major projects include various industries such as 

a food processing factory in South Australia, 

a chemical manufacturing industry in Queensland and 

a material treatment facility in NSW. 

Unfortunately due to stringent IP agreements, we are not able to share more information. If you need to apply for an extension of time to lodge your application, you should be aware of changes to the legislation that takes effect from 1 January 2021. 

Major Multifaceted Remediation Project

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Detailed Site Investigations (DSI)

A multifaceted project where the Site formerly contained a treatment plant, which comprised both above and below-ground infrastructure. This infrastructure included  settling tanks, sludge drying beds, aerated sludge tanks, a pump house, digestors, clarifying tanks, chlorine treatment tanks, an Imhoff tank, and a stormflow tank. Buildings comprised  screening and grit removal activities, a flammable liquid storage building, and operations and administrative buildings. Whilst not shown on the historical layout plan, a network of below-ground pipes is likely to have connected the plant infrastructure on the Site.

"This multifaceted project required combination of Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Contamination Assessment, Geotechnics, Geological Investigations, Ecology, Indigenous and Cultural & Heritage Investigations".
M. C.
Technical Director
"Applying great PM skills & utilizing smart but simple remediation techniques (sieving), IROS completed the job well within the estimated project completion date & saved us $5 million."
S. F.
Developer - Landowner
Mega Scale Waste Classification Project

Victoria - Large scale Remediation Project

By the end of its first decade, and before the arrival of the railway from the coast, Ballarat had developed a sophisticated range of metal processing and fabricating industries. Although such trades have historically been associated locally primarily with gold mining, from the late 1850s they were assisting any iron users in the district. Saw millers, grain millers, manufacturers, farmers and even housewives began to patronise local foundries.
Major Road Duplication/ Remediation Project

Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS)

IROS AUSTRALIA has a solid track record in the management /remediation of acid sulfate materials Nationally. Our expert team has a strong understanding of the technical requirements, including laboratory-based experience plus onsite/field treatment of acid sulfate materials with a cost-effective and time-efficient liming/alkalising approach. Our strong link with quarries from across Australia facilitates the remediation of large scale ASS materials. 

"Acid sulfate soils (ASS) occur predominantly on coastal land with elevations generally below 5m Australian Height Datum (AHD)".
IROS AUSTRALIA - Technical Director

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