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About Us

About IROS

Whilst the COVID era forced the shutdown of many Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Australia, for IROS, it was an opportunity.

Our team has 95 years experience of working/living and serving community members across the four states, including SA, ACT, QLD and NSW. Our contribution ranged from international corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, to small-medium consultancy firms. 

A wide range of skill sets is required to be able to be competitive in this dynamic market. Unlike the majority of SME directors, IROS is familiar with modern management principles, leadership skills and strategic growth tactics. #MBA #PMP

Price Guarantee !

We beat everyone’s price!
If you Don’t believe it read the below please:

We Understand your Project Requirements !

IROS wants to help you identify your potential project obstacles which possibly could affect the final project delivery time. The aim is to assist you to determine what your project requirements are. That’s why at IROS we provide you with a complimentary free consultation session.

Project Delivery is our Strength !

A large company will typically have a complicated procurement system and carry several liabilities; which results in a higher price, and slower service delivery #fact. At IROS, we guarantee the fastest and the most affordable project delivery, while maintaining a high quality #No-brainer.

Subcontractors Cost $$$ !

With the majority of the contaminated site investigation works, 40-60% of the total project cost comprises laboratory expenses. Over the years, IROS established great relationships with NATA accredited laboratories nationwide. This results in a faster turnaround time for project delivery.

Some of Our Clients

Delivering the best ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Solutions for leading brands in Australia.

We guarantee to beat any price by 10% in the greater Sydney region